In the face of dominance by OpenAI and Microsoft in the field of artificial 
intelligence (AI), AWS has outlined its strategy to regain momentum. 
This article highlights AWS’s three-layered gen AI stack, which includes platforms, 
AI tools, and applications. The company believes that the full potential of AI can 
only be reached when these factors come together. Additionally, AWS aims to simplify 
gen AI adoption through the development of applications that make AI more accessible 
to users. The article also mentions AWS’s commitment to environmental issues and the 
goal of becoming carbon neutral. As competition in the cloud computing market 
intensifies, AWS is focused on innovation and meeting the specific needs of its 

AWS’ three-layered gen AI stack

At the core of AWS’s AI strategy is its three-layered gen AI stack, consisting of 
platforms, AI tools, and applications. AWS believes that these three components must 
work together for AI to reach its full potential. The platform layer ensures that 
the necessary hardware technology expertise and ML skills are available for AI 
development. One of the key platforms offered by AWS is SageMaker, which provides 
users with a range of computing choices for their ML projects. The AI ​​tools layer 
provides users with the necessary tools and resources to build and deploy AI models 
effectively. AWS automates much of the operation, allowing users to focus on the 
development of their AI applications. Finally, the applications layer represents the 
end result of the gen AI stack, where AI is utilized to solve real-world problems 
and deliver valuable insights. AWS is focused on creating applications that not only 
showcase the power of AI but also address specific industry needs and challenges.

Simplifying Gen AI adoption with applications

AWS recognizes the importance of simplifying the adoption of gen AI, and one way 
they are doing this is through the development of applications that make AI more 
accessible to users. One such application is a special instrument for Q.Q 
(Quality & Quantity), which allows individuals to directly interact with AI systems. 
This tool not only enables users to consume AI but also provides protection against 
attacks by hackers attempting to block access to valuable information. Additionally, 
AWS is investing in the development of AI humans, which refers to the creation of 
AI-powered systems that can assist and enhance human productivity. 
By providing users with the tools and resources to create their own AI setups, AWS 
is empowering individuals to take advantage of AI technology.


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