The Vail Pass Recreation Path in Colorado offers a captivating and scenic way to 
explore the beauty of the Colorado Rockies. This top-rated path takes travelers 
through serene meadows, pristine evergreen forests, and enchanting aspen groves, 
providing breathtaking views of the Tenmile and Gore Ranges. 
The trail, which follows a route established by the Indigenous Ute people, begins at
Copper Mountain and ends at the Gore Creek Campground on Bighorn Road. 
With its convenient accessibility from Interstate 70, the Vail Pass Recpath appeals 
to a variety of outdoor enthusiasts, from hikers to inline skaters to bikers. 
Whether you’re a novice biker or a more experienced cyclist, the biking experience 
on this trail is truly epic. With numerous opportunities to stop and admire the 
stunning vistas, as well as convenient amenities along the way, the Vail Pass 
Recreation Path promises an unforgettable adventure for anyone looking to experience 
the captivating beauty of the Colorado Rockies.

Overview of Vail Pass Recreation Path

The Vail Pass Recreation Path, also known as Recpath, is a paved, multi-use trail 
that spans a beautiful section of the Colorado Rockies. The trail starts at Copper 
Mountain and ends at the Gore Creek Campground on Bighorn Road, 6 miles east of Vail.
The trail’s location near Interstate 70 makes it easily accessible, while still 
offering an immersive wilderness experience. With an average rating of 5 out of 5 
from 190 TripAdvisor reviews, the Vail Pass Recpath is highly regarded by visitors.

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