Aave founder, Marc Zeller, has recently revealed plans for a fee switch proposal 
that will distribute fees to token holders. The decentralized lending platform has 
been highly profitable, generating around $60 million in annual profits for the past
 five years. Zeller announced on Twitter that the fee switch is set to be activated 
next week, sparking interest from Aave community members. This proposal aligns with 
previous discussions about implementing fees for stakers on the platform, as well as
 managing collateral risks associated with Dai. Aave's fee switch will enable the 
platform to distribute fees collected from transactions and adjust them according to 
the protocol's needs, joining other platforms like Frax Finance in reintroducing this

Aave Chan founder announces fee switch proposal

In a recent post, Zeller provided more details about the fee switch proposal and 
announced that the activation is scheduled for next week. 
This fee switch functionality will have significant implications for the Aave 
ecosystem and its users. By implementing the fee switch, Aave aims to distribute fees 
collected from transactions to the token holders of the platform. This distribution 
model will allow the community to benefit from the platform's success and further 
align the interests of Aave and its token holders.
To track the progress of the Aave treasury balances, Zeller suggested using Zapper_fi
, a tool that provides real-time data on treasury balances. This transparency ensures
 that token holders can stay informed about the financials of the platform.
The Aave treasury and its impressive growth reflect the profitability and 
sustainability of the protocol.

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