The Aave community has welcomed Renzo Protocol and its ezETH product, marking a 
significant expansion of the Ethereum lending horizon. This decision, showcased on 
the Snapshot governance platform, represents a major step towards the growth of Aave 
V3 lending capabilities on the Ethereum network. In an effort to enhance platform 
efficiency and core functionality, this integration promises to make Aave V3 more 
versatile. With a focus on providing innovative borrowing and lending services, 
Aave’s strategic choice signals its commitment to staying at the forefront of 
decentralized finance (DeFi) networks in the future. By incorporating Renzo Protocol 
and ezETH, Aave aims to meet the dynamic requirements of users and ensure the 
widespread utilization and greater wealth of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Renzo Protocol and ezETH integration into Aave V3 lending platform

The integration of Renzo Protocol and ezETH into the Aave V3 lending platform offers 
numerous benefits to users. Renzo Protocol introduces a dynamic lending mechanism 
that brings new functionalities to the platform. These functionalities are designed 
to incentivize more users to participate in lending activities, leading to increased 
liquidity and the availability of a wider range of lending products. The integration 
also enhances the operational efficiency of the Aave V3 platform, providing users 
with a seamless borrowing and lending experience.

The decision to integrate Renzo Protocol and ezETH into the Aave V3 lending platform 
was made through the Snapshot governance platform. This platform allows Aave token 
holders to participate in important decision-making processes and shape the future 
of the platform. The decision to welcome Renzo Protocol and ezETH was approved by 
the Aave community, highlighting the importance of community governance in driving 
the development and growth of decentralized finance platforms.

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