Austrian cryptocurrency exchange Bitpanda is growing its business in the Middle East and has decided to start in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Bitpanda wantsRephrase to open an office in Dubai at the DMCC Crypto CentreThe company has picked Walid Benothman to lead its business in the Middle East. He used to work at 1inch Network and will be in charge of growing the business in the region.

Bitpanda wants to make its cryptocurrency trading services fit the needs of each local market. They have a skilled team, led by Benothman, working to make this happenThe company is almost finished getting its permission to offer financial services. It will work with regulators in the UAE to follow all the local rules.

According to Eric Demuth, one of the people who started Bitpanda and is now the boss, the UAE is a great place for the company to grow because there are a lot of people who want to invest there and the rules for businesses are helpfulThe UAE is known for being friendly towards technology in banking and also for having regulations that are friendly towards cryptocurrency. Because of this, Bitpanda sees the UAE as an attractive market to enter in the Middle East.

Bitpanda is expanding to new places for the first time outside of Europe. They want to take advantage of the increasing interest in cryptocurrency trading and services around the worldBitpanda wants to be in the UAE to offer trading to people in the Middle East who want to invest in cryptocurrency. They think the UAE is a good place for fintech and cryptocurrency businesses.

Bitpanda Expands Operations and Appoints Former 1inch Executive in UAE Expansion Move

Bitpanda is going to start a new business called “Bitpanda Technology Solutions” (BTS) for trading. It will be ready in three monthsThe launch will happen once Bitpanda MENA gets its permission to operate in the regionThis is likely to happen by the end of this year.

This year, Bitpanda and Raiffeisenlandesbank Niederösterreich-Wien (RLB NÖ-Wien), an Austrian cooperative bank, worked together to let the bank’s customers trade digital money using Bitpanda’s system in their banking apps. This partnership showed how banks are starting to work more closely with companies that trade cryptocurrency.

Bitpanda and a German bank called Landesbank Baden-Württemberg are working together to provide a way to keep your cryptocurrency safeThis will start in the second half of 2024In the next few months, Bitpanda will partner with a German bank to offer a secure platform for businesses to buy and store cryptocurrencies.

Bitpanda started in Austria in 2014 by Eric Demuth, Paul Klanschek, and Christian TrummerIn 2021, it became a unicorn company because it is now worth over $1 billionThe company has been growing and making more partnerships to become a top player in the cryptocurrency industry.

Bitpanda is starting a new company called Bitpanda Technology Solutions and working more with banks to make its position in the market strongerThey want to meet the growing need for cryptocurrency services. The company wants to offer new and regulated solutions to both individual and big clients in the changing digital money world.

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