In a recent blog post, Avail, a prominent blockchain data-availability project, has 
confirmed the details of their upcoming token airdrop, just a week after leaked 
screenshots revealed the eligibility criteria. The airdrop will involve 600 million 
tokens being distributed to 354,605 ​​wallet addresses, with recipients including 
developers, testnet contributors, rollup users, and members of the Avail community 
who have made significant contributions to the ecosystem. The verification process 
for token claims has already begun and will continue until May 4, with the 
distribution set to occur upon the launch of Avail’s data-availability solution. 
Avail’s airdrop aims to bring together various blockchain communities and reward 
valuable contributors from across the ecosystem.

Overview of Avail’s token airdrop confirmation

Avail, a blockchain data-availability (DA) project, has recently confirmed the 
details of its upcoming token airdrop. This confirmation comes shortly after leaked 
screenshots of the eligibility criteria surfaced on social media.
In a blog post, the Avail team has provided information regarding the number of eligible wallet addresses, the criteria for receiving tokens, the verification process for token claims, and the distribution timeline.

Reaction to leaked screenshots

Last week, screenshots revealing the details of Avail’s token airdrop were leaked, 
causing speculation and prediction within the crypto community. 
The leaked information raised questions about the eligibility criteria for receiving 
tokens and the overall significance of the airdrop. Avail has addressed these 
concerns by confirming and expanding on the leaked details in its official blog post.

Number of eligible wallet addresses

According to Avail, a total of 354,605 wallet addresses are eligible to claim the 600 million tokens in the upcoming airdrop. These eligible wallet addresses belong to individuals who fall under various categories, including blockchain ecosystem developers, testnet contributors, users of rollups such as Polygon, zkSync, Starknet, Optimism, and Arbitrum, Polygon PoS stakers, and Avail community members who have made significant contributions to the ecosystem.

Verification process for token claims

Recipients of the token airdrop will need to go through a verification process to 
claim their tokens. Avail has provided a step-by-step guide for verifying token 
claims and has set a timeline for completion. The verification process is crucial to 
ensure that tokens are distributed to the intended recipients and to prevent any 
fraudulent claims.

Distribution timeline

The distribution of tokens is expected to occur when Avail’s DA launches. 
The exact timeline for token distribution will be influenced by factors such as the 
progress of the DA launch and the completion of the verification process. 
Avail has emphasized the significance of the DA launch in relation to the token 
distribution, indicating that the distribution timeline will be closely tied to the 
project’s development milestones.

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