BlizzCon 2023 is on the horizon, and anticipation is building as fans eagerly await 
the exciting announcements that Blizzard has in store. With the company needing to 
recapture the fervor of its dedicated followers, speculations are running wild. 
A potential Starcraft revival, an about-face on Overwatch 2's canceled PvE Hero Mode,
and details about an upcoming survival game are just a few of the rumors circulating.
Additionally, this year's BlizzCon may focus on reuniting the community after a 
prolonged hiatus. As the buzz around Blizzard has diminished in recent years due to 
scandals and tepid game responses, this convention holds the potential to reignite 
the passion and enthusiasm that once defined the Blizzard fandom.
Hopes for a Starcraft Revival
One of the most prominent speculations circulating among fans is the possibility of a
Starcraft revival. As one of Blizzard's most beloved and renowned franchises, the 
absence of any major updates or releases in recent years has left fans yearning for 
more. BlizzCon 2023 presents the perfect opportunity for Blizzard to reveal their 
plans for the future of Starcraft. Whether it's a remastered edition of the original 
games or an entirely new installment, fans are eagerly anticipating an announcement 
that will breathe new life into this beloved franchise.

Overwatch 2's PvE Hero Mode Reversal
Another hot topic of discussion within the community is the fate of Overwatch 2's PvE
Hero Mode. Initially announced as a focal point of the highly anticipated sequel, 
Blizzard surprised fans by announcing the cancellation of this mode in favor of other
features. However, recent rumors have suggested that Blizzard may have reconsidered 
their decision and could potentially reverse course. BlizzCon 2023 will undoubtedly 
shed light on the future of Overwatch 2's PvE Hero Mode, and fans are hoping for a 
reversal that will fulfill their long-awaited dream of epic cooperative adventures in
the Overwatch universe.

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