BlizzCon's RumbleMania Features Hafu, Towelliee, OrangeJuice, and More
BlizzCon's RumbleMania is set to be an electrifying event that showcases the newly 
released game, WarCraft Rumble. This mobile strategy game, set in the beloved 
WarCraft universe, offers players an immersive and action-packed experience. 
Surprisingly, the game was released earlier than expected, dropping on both the Apple
App Store and Google Play Store. With its diverse gameplay options, such as epic PvP 
battles and a captivating single-player campaign with over 70 missions, WarCraft 
Rumble is sure to capture the hearts of gamers worldwide. For those who prefer PvE 
content, the game also features weekly three-round dungeons. As for BlizzCon's 
RumbleMania lineup, talented creators like Hafu, Towelliee, OrangeJuice, and others 
will be taking part in this thrilling event. Get ready to witness the ultimate clash 
of skill and strategy in the world of WarCraft Rumble.
BlizzCon's RumbleMania event is set to be an exciting showcase of the highly 
anticipated mobile game, WarCraft Rumble. This free-to-play strategy game, set in the
 beloved WarCraft universe, has generated a lot of buzz in the gaming community. 
Originally slated to be released at BlizzCon, the game has surprised fans by making 
an early appearance on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. With its thrilling
PvP battles, a captivating single-player campaign, and engaging PvE content, WarCraft
Rumble is sure to captivate players of all backgrounds and interests.

Participating Creators
BlizzCon's RumbleMania wouldn't be complete without the participation of some of the 
most talented and influential creators in the gaming world. Hafu, Towelliee, 
OrangeJuice, and many others will be joining in the excitement, sharing their 
experiences and insights into the game. Their presence adds another layer of 
excitement to the event, as fans eagerly anticipate their unique perspectives on 
WarCraft Rumble.

Release of WarCraft Rumble
WarCraft Rumble has taken the gaming world by storm with its recent release. 
This mobile free-to-play strategy game allows players to immerse themselves in the 
rich and immersive world of WarCraft. With its intuitive gameplay mechanics and 
stunning visuals, WarCraft Rumble offers players an engaging and accessible 
experience that can be enjoyed on the go.

Original BlizzCon Announcement
The initial announcement of WarCraft Rumble at BlizzCon sent shockwaves of excitement
through the gaming community. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to 
dive into this new addition to the WarCraft franchise. 
The announcement generated a lot of buzz and anticipation as players eagerly awaited 
more information about the game’s release.

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