In a heartfelt statement to Destiny 2 players, Bungie acknowledges the loss of their 
fans' trust following the disappointing reception of recent expansions. Titled “Our 
Path Forward,” the statement reflects on the studio’s challenging week and emphasizes
their commitment to regaining the trust of their player base. Bungie promises to 
surprise and delight fans once again, with more than 650 team members working hard on
the upcoming expansion, “The Final Shape,” and its subsequent episodes. 
However, it remains to be seen whether Bungie's efforts will be enough to convince 
skeptical fans of their dedication.
Reflecting on Difficult Week in Bungie's History
Bungie starts off their statement by acknowledging the challenges they have faced in 
the past week, calling it one of the most difficult weeks in the studio’s history. 
They express their understanding of the disappointment and frustration felt by the 
fans and recognize the loss of trust that has occurred.

Loss of Trust from Fans
Bungie openly acknowledges that they have lost a significant amount of trust from 
their fans. They understand that this loss of trust stems from the disappointing 
reception of Destiny 2's latest expansion, Lightfall, as well as the reveal of The 
Final Shape, the delayed expansion that was meant to conclude the game's Light and 
Darkness saga.

Commitment to Surprise and Delight Fans
Addressing Recent Failures
Bungie addresses the recent failures and shortcomings, specifically in terms of 
“surprising and delighting” their fans. They admit that they have not met the 
expectations of their player base in this regard and express their intent to improve 
upon this aspect.

Emphasis on Improving
Bungie emphasizes their commitment to improving and learning from their mistakes. 
They acknowledge that they have fallen short and are dedicated to rectifying the 
situation. They express their determination to regain the trust and confidence of 
their fans through their actions moving forward.

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