"The Day Before", a highly anticipated game developed by Fntastic, has announced an 
exclusive beta test available solely to dedicated volunteers who contribute to its 
development. However, this choice of terminology has sparked a heated debate 
surrounding the ethics of unpaid labor. Nevertheless, the beta test is seen as a 
rewarding opportunity for those who have invested their time and effort into the
game's creation. With its release scheduled for December 7th on PC's Early Access 
platform, the question remains whether console versions will also be launched 
Overview of 'The Day Before' game
"The Day Before" is an upcoming game developed by Fntastic that has garnered 
significant anticipation and positive reception in the gaming community. 
Set in a post-pandemic open-world, players are thrust into an apocalyptic scenario 
where survival is paramount. With its immersive gameplay and stunning visuals, 
"The Day Before" promises to deliver a thrilling gaming experience.

Fantastic's approach to beta testing
Fntastic, the development studio behind "The Day Before," understands the importance 
of beta testing in the game development process. Beta testing serves as a crucial 
phase where developers gather valuable feedback, identify bugs and glitches, and 
make necessary improvements before the official release. Being aware of this, 
Fantastic has chosen to open up an exclusive beta test for their dedicated volunteers.

Controversy surrounding the use of 'volunteers'
The decision to utilize "volunteers" in the beta test of "The Day Before" has sparked
controversy within the gaming industry. Critics argue that the use of unpaid labor 
raises ethical concerns, particularly with regards to the exploitation of passionate 
gamers. They believe that developers should compensate individuals for their 
contributions, as beta testing plays a pivotal role in game development.

Benefits of being a beta tester
Despite the controversy surrounding the use of volunteers, there are several benefits
to being a beta tester for "The Day Before." Firstly, participants gain early access 
to new content and features, providing them with a unique opportunity to explore and 
experience the game before its official release. Additionally, beta testers have the 
chance to shape the game through their feedback, helping developers improve gameplay 
mechanics and address any issues that may arise. Furthermore, beta testers have 
direct communication with the developers, enabling them to provide real-time feedback
and suggestions.

Game release information and platforms
"The Day Before" is scheduled to release on December 7th for Early Access on PC. 
This allows players to dive into the game before its full release and provide 
feedback to help further enhance the overall gaming experience. However, details 
regarding console releases have yet to be announced by Fntastic. Fans eagerly await 
news regarding the game's availability on various platforms, hoping for the 
opportunity to play it on their preferred gaming consoles.

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