Exela Technologies, Inc., a leading global business process automation provider, 
recently announced its 2023 fiscal year results, reporting a total revenue of $1.064 
billion. Despite a slight decrease of 1.2% compared to the previous year, the company
showcased its resilience amidst challenges. The decline in revenue was primarily 
attributed to a network outage in 2022 and the sale of the high-speed scanner 
business. However, Exela secured $198 million in annual contract value and 
successfully expanded existing customer contracts, highlighting its ability to adapt 
and grow in a competitive market. Notably, gross margins experienced a substantial 
improvement of $31 million in 2023. The company also disclosed an adjusted EBITDA of 
$60 million, considering expenses related to debt exchange and European listing. 
Looking forward, Exela is committed to revenue stabilization, margin enhancement, and
pursuing strategic growth initiatives throughout 2024. While specific details 
regarding liquidity and levers for improvement were not extensively discussed, the 
company assures stakeholders that it possesses various options at its disposal if 
necessary. As Exela Technologies continues to navigate a rapidly evolving industry, 
it remains dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and fostering long-term 

Exela Technologies, Inc. Q4 2023 Earnings

Exela Technologies, Inc. reported its fourth quarter earnings for the year 2023, 
providing stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of the company’s financial 
performance during this period. The earnings report highlighted key financial metrics
such as revenue, year-over-year decrease in revenue, and reasons for the decline. 
Additionally, the report touched upon contracts and gross margins, adjusted EBITDA, 
and the company’s focus in the upcoming year, along with a brief discussion on 
liquidity and levers available to improve it if needed.

Revenue for 2023

Exela Technologies, Inc. generated a total revenue of $1.064 billion in the year 2023
.This figure represents the overall amount of money the company earned from its 
various operations and services throughout the year. Revenue is a crucial indicator 
of a company’s financial health and growth potential, and achieving a billion-dollar
revenue showcases Exela’s strong position in the market.

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