The proposal put forth by, a social platform utilizing Web3 technology, to offer its shares to its users represents a new ownership model. By extending the opportunity to own shares in the company, the platform aims to empower its users and transform them from mere participants to investors who have a stake in the company’s success.

This shift highlights a broader trend towards democratization of investment dynamics within the digital realm. Traditionally, investment opportunities were limited to a select group of individuals or institutions. However, with the rise of Web3 technology and the principles of decentralization, there is a growing push for greater inclusivity and participation in investment processes.

By allowing users to become shareholders, is embracing this trend and aligning its incentives with the interests of its user base. This approach can foster a stronger sense of community and engagement, as users have a direct stake in the platform’s prosperity. It also reflects the potential of Web3 technology to reshape traditional ownership structures and enable new models of participation and value distribution.

Overall, the move by represents a step towards democratizing ownership and investment in the digital realm, aligning with the broader transformation occurring within the investment landscape. Empowers Users to Become Investors in the Platform

The transition of users from being content creators and consumers to becoming actual investors in the platform strengthens the bond between users and the company, fostering a stronger sense of community. This shift is made possible through an agreement with previous shareholders, including Paradigm, who have agreed to transfer the rights of selling tokens directly to the platform’s users.

By enabling this transfer, is taking a significant step towards a user-centric model, where users not only shape the platform’s future but also share in its success. This initiative opens up new avenues for user engagement and investment within the crypto industry, advocating for a more inclusive and equitable approach to technology entrepreneurship and governance.

The move challenges the traditional venture capital financing model and signifies a shift towards broader user participation and investment. Users now have the power to directly impact the platform’s trajectory, fostering a cooperative culture where their voices are heard and their contributions are valued.

The involvement of Paradigm, a well-known crypto venture capital firm that invests in innovative technology ventures, is significant. Their agreement to distribute shares among users signals a growing trend towards more decentralized and user-focused business models. This collaboration further emphasizes the shift towards empowering users and creating a more inclusive ecosystem.

Overall, the move by represents a significant advancement towards user ownership and participation, transforming the platform into a community-driven venture.’s Popularity Takes a Hit Following High-Profile Launch, a decentralized application (dApp) launched on August 10, 2023, has gained significant traction, attracting over 200,000 users and facilitating a trading volume exceeding $230 million. The platform’s unique approach converts user influence into tradable tokens called “keys,” which grant access to a creator’s attention or influence. This model has attracted not only cryptocurrency influencers but also NBA players and esports personalities, expanding its appeal beyond the crypto community.

The popularity of was partly fueled by the hype surrounding the Base network, a Layer 2 solution associated with Coinbase. The involvement of Paradigm, an investment firm connected to Coinbase, further added to the confidence in’s potential.

However, the platform has faced privacy concerns, specifically related to the potential for user doxxing due to the link between Twitter profiles and Ethereum addresses. has addressed these concerns by clarifying that the leaked information was sourced from their public API, highlighting the platform’s open nature. This incident emphasizes the importance of user caution in safeguarding personal information.

Despite its initial success, has experienced a decline in popularity recently. According to a Dune analytics dashboard, the project reached its revenue peak of over $1 million last year. However, in the past couple of months, its revenue has fallen to under $15,000.

The reasons behind this decline in popularity and revenue are not explicitly mentioned, but it could be attributed to various factors such as changes in user preferences, market conditions, or competition from other platforms. It underscores the dynamic and competitive nature of the crypto industry, where popularity and success can fluctuate rapidly.

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