“Gaming for Mental Well-being: How Helldivers 2 Reshapes Player Experiences” 
explores the positive impact that video games, specifically the co-op game 
Helldivers 2, can have on mental health. This article challenges the traditional 
notion that arcade games have a negative effect on mental wellness in children and 
youth, instead focusing on the advantages that video games can offer. 
The article highlights how Helldivers 2 not only promotes social cohesion but also 
builds resilience and collaboration skills as players work together to solve complex 
challenges. By providing a refreshing and immersive gaming experience, Helldivers 2 
offers a unique way to enhance mental well-being and foster genuine connections 
among players. The article further discusses the impact of the game beyond the 
screen, emphasizing its potential to challenge stereotypes and increase self-esteem 
in autistic individuals. Overall, this article aims to shed light on the 
transformative power of video games in shaping player experiences and promoting 
mental health.

Boosting child/youth mental health

One of the main advantages of video games is their ability to boost child and youth 
mental health. By allowing children and young adults to engage in structured 
gameplay, they can develop problem-solving skills, improve cognitive abilities, and 
enhance creativity. Video games can provide a sense of accomplishment and 
self-confidence when overcoming challenges within the game. Additionally, gaming can 
serve as a form of escape and stress relief, allowing individuals to unwind and 
relax after a long day.

Breaking the stereotype

In the past, arcade games have often been used as scapegoats when discussing the 
negative effects on mental health. However, it is important to break free from these 
stereotypes and recognize that video games can have positive impacts as well. 
When played in moderation and with the right approach, video games can provide mental
stimulation, relaxation, and even social connection.

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