In a recent X post, Bryan Pellegrino, co-founder and CEO of LayerZero, made serious accusations against Kyle Davies, co-founder of the now-defunct Three Arrows Capital (3AC). Pellegrino claimed that Davies had attempted to persuade his firm to transfer its entire treasury shortly before the liquidation of 3AC on March 21. These allegations came to light as a response to a comment made by Davies during a podcast.

The specifics surrounding this alleged incident are not fully disclosed in Pellegrino’s post. However, the claim suggests that Davies made efforts to convince LayerZero, Pellegrino’s firm, to move its entire treasury just before the liquidation of 3AC. The motives behind such a request and the context in which it was made remain unclear.

The nature of the podcast comment made by Davies, which prompted Pellegrino’s response, is also undisclosed. It is possible that Davies made statements or remarks during the podcast that prompted Pellegrino to come forward with these accusations. However, without further details or clarifications, the exact content of Davies’ comment and its relationship to the alleged persuasion are left to speculation.

These allegations have created a significant stir within the cryptocurrency and investing communities, as both LayerZero and Three Arrows Capital are well-known entities operating in the industry. LayerZero, a blockchain project focused on providing high-performance infrastructure, has gained attention for its technological advancements and potential impact on the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. On the other hand, Three Arrows Capital was an influential investment firm involved in cryptocurrency trading and investments before its liquidation.

It is important to note that these are allegations made by Pellegrino, and there has been no official confirmation or response from Kyle Davies or Three Arrows Capital regarding the accusations. The circumstances leading to the liquidation of 3AC and its potential impact on Pellegrino’s firm remain undisclosed. Further details and clarifications from both parties involved would be necessary to fully understand the situation and evaluate the validity of the allegations.

As news of these allegations spreads, it is likely that the cryptocurrency and investment communities will closely follow any developments or responses from the parties involved. Transparency and open communication will be crucial in addressing the accusations and providing clarity to the broader community.

Pellegrino Alleges Misleading and Exploitative Behavior by Davies Towards Partners

In a recent X post, Bryan Pellegrino, co-founder and CEO of LayerZero, made serious accusations against Kyle Davies, co-founder of the now-defunct Three Arrows Capital (3AC). According to Pellegrino’s allegations, Davies attempted to persuade LayerZero to transfer its entire treasury, promising more favorable rates than other borrowers, as a last-ditch effort.

The details surrounding this alleged incident were disclosed in Pellegrino’s post. He claimed that Davies approached LayerZero as 3AC faced impending liquidation on March 21. Davies purportedly enticed LayerZero with promises of better borrowing rates than what other borrowers could offer. It appears that Davies saw an opportunity to secure funds for 3AC through LayerZero’s treasury, potentially to mitigate the collapse of the hedge fund.

Pellegrino’s accusations came to light when Davies refused to apologize to investors for the collapse of 3AC during an episode of the Unchained YouTube interview podcast on March 19. It is unclear what other topics were discussed in the podcast or the specific context in which Davies declined to apologize. However, Pellegrino’s decision to share the allegations seems to be a direct response to Davies’ refusal to take responsibility for the hedge fund’s failure.

The collapse of 3AC, a prominent hedge fund in the cryptocurrency space, likely caused significant losses for investors and created a ripple effect within the industry. The allegations made by Pellegrino against Davies further add to the intrigue and uncertainty surrounding the circumstances leading to the liquidation of 3AC.

As of now, there has been no official response from Kyle Davies or Three Arrows Capital regarding the allegations made by Pellegrino. It is crucial to await further developments and potential clarifications from both parties involved to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the situation.

The cryptocurrency and investment communities are closely following these allegations and the responses they may elicit. Transparency, accountability, and open communication will be essential in addressing the allegations, providing clarity to investors, and maintaining trust within the industry.

In addition to the previous allegations, Bryan Pellegrino, the CEO of LayerZero, made further claims regarding the actions of Three Arrows Capital (3AC) prior to its liquidation. Pellegrino alleged that 3AC deliberately borrowed funds from multiple firms, despite knowing that it was financially incapable of repaying the loans. These actions reportedly occurred while 3AC privately prepared for its eventual liquidation.

According to Pellegrino’s assertions, 3AC engaged in borrowing activities despite being aware of its dire financial situation. The motive behind these actions remains unclear, as it is not specified whether 3AC intended to use the borrowed funds to fulfill its financial obligations or if there were other reasons behind the borrowing. However, Pellegrino’s claims suggest that 3AC may have been engaging in questionable practices by taking on additional debt while knowing it would be unable to repay the loans.

The exact timeline and specific details regarding the borrowing activities of 3AC, including the firms involved and the amounts borrowed, have not been disclosed in the available information. It is crucial to note that these allegations are made by Pellegrino and have not been officially confirmed or responded to by 3AC or its representatives.

The collapse and subsequent actions of 3AC have undoubtedly raised concerns within the cryptocurrency and investment communities. Investors and stakeholders will likely closely monitor any developments related to these allegations to gain a better understanding of the situation and its potential implications.

As with any allegations, it is essential to approach the information with caution and await official statements or additional evidence from all parties involved. Transparency and clear communication will be crucial in addressing these claims and providing clarity to affected individuals and the wider community.


In addition to Bryan Pellegrino’s accusations against Kyle Davies, another X user with the handle @basedkarbon criticized Davies for his response, highlighting a lack of tact. While the specific details of Davies’ response and the context in which it was made are not provided, @basedkarbon’s comment suggests that Davies’ reaction to the allegations was deemed inappropriate or insensitive.

Public figures and individuals in influential positions are often expected to handle sensitive situations with tact and empathy. In this case, it appears that Davies’ response, whether in relation to Pellegrino’s accusations or other aspects of the situation, was not well-received by @basedkarbon and possibly others within the community.

However, without further information or clarification on the specific content of Davies’ response and the reasons behind the criticism, it is challenging to fully evaluate the nature of the issue or the extent of the backlash against him.

As discussions and debates unfold around these allegations, it’s important to remember that opinions and perspectives may vary among individuals within the community. Public figures are often subject to scrutiny, and their responses can significantly impact public perception and the overall narrative surrounding a situation. Clear and respectful communication remains essential in navigating such discussions and fostering an environment of understanding and accountability.

The Downfall of 3AC and Its Ripple Effects on the Crypto Sphere

Kyle Davies and Su Zhu established 3AC in 2012, and the hedge fund managed approximately $10 billion in assets by 2021. However, in April 2022, its value plummeted to $3 billion. The significant decline was attributed to the crash of TerraUSD stablecoins, which triggered a broader crypto market crash and resulted in the loss of billions of dollars.

To protect its assets from creditors, 3AC filed for Chapter 15 bankruptcy on July 1, 2022. The collapse of 3AC had a profound impact on numerous investors and organizations. The hedge fund owed $3.5 billion to 27 companies, including $2.3 billion to Genesis Global Trading, as stated in the bankruptcy filing. Furthermore,, a prominent crypto trading platform, suffered a $270 million loss on loans extended to 3AC. Additionally, Voyager Digital, a well-known digital asset brokerage, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after defaulting on approximately $670 million in loans provided to 3AC.

These events highlight the wide-ranging repercussions of 3AC’s downfall, affecting various stakeholders and emphasizing the importance of diligent risk management in the volatile cryptocurrency industry.

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