Samsung is anticipating a massive increase in its operating profit for the first 
quarter of the year, exceeding their initial forecast by more than tenfold. Despite 
this impressive performance, the company experienced a decline in its stock value, 
largely due to the chip business failing to keep up with competition. 
Samsung's quarterly profit surge is primarily attributed to its chip business's 
recovery after five consecutive quarters of losses. Additionally, the resilience of 
its mobile business, driven by the successful launch of the Galaxy S24 smartphones, 
has contributed to this remarkable growth. However, Samsung still faces challenges 
in the semiconductor market and the potential impact of external factors, such as 
the recent earthquake in Taiwan, which could limit the supply of memory chips.

Samsung Expects Tenfold Jump in Quarterly Profit Despite Chip Business Challenges

Samsung expects a significant increase in its operating profit for the first quarter,
which would be more than ten times higher than their official prediction. However, 
despite this positive outlook, the company's stock has experienced a 1.3% decline, 
disappointing investors. This decline is on par with the general South Korean market, which has also seen a 1.1% drop in share position. Despite these challenges, Samsung remains optimistic about its performance in the chip business and expects a significant increase in quarterly profit.

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