Fractured Online, the highly anticipated online multiplayer game, is making a 
comeback with its Steam Early Access launch on November 8th. With an intense focus on
player experience and satisfaction, Dynamight Studios has put the finishing touches 
on the base build and has already opened character creation to eager gamers. 
For those who previously uninstalled the game during its closed development phase, 
now is the perfect time to reinstall and embark on a fresh adventure. 
However, players who did not uninstall the game need to take the extra step of 
uninstalling and reinstalling to remove any Gamigo-linked files. The good news is 
that players who used the migration tool will have the opportunity to seamlessly link
their Fractured Online account to their Steam account. Additionally, exclusive to 
founders pack owners, the privilege to create and reserve character names has been 
granted. So, whether you're a new or returning player, don't miss out on the chance 
to explore the vast options of character creation before the highly anticipated 
relaunch of Fractured Online.
Fractured Online's Relaunch on Steam Early Access
Fractured Online, the highly anticipated MMORPG developed by Dynamight Studios, is 
set to relaunch on Steam Early Access on November 8th. After completing the base 
build and making significant improvements, the game is ready to provide players with 
an immersive online gaming experience. This article will provide all the information 
you need to know about the relaunch, including character creation, installation 
instructions, and more.

Base Build Completion
Dynamight Studios Completes the Base Build of Fractured Online
Dynamight Studios has reached a major milestone in the development of Fractured 
Online by completing the base build of the game. This means that the core mechanics 
and features of the game have been implemented and are ready for players to immerse 
themselves in the world of Fractured Online. With the base build complete, players 
can expect a polished and engaging gameplay experience from the moment they enter the

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