Jobs Report
Another major macroeconomic event on the horizon is the release of the monthly jobs 
report. With the labor market being a key indicator of economic health, investors 
will be closely monitoring the data for insights into the state of employment and 
wage growth. This report will help gauge the overall strength of the economy and
could potentially influence the Federal Reserve's decision-making process. 
Analysts will be paying attention to indicators such as job creation, unemployment 
rate, and average hourly earnings to assess the health of the labor market and its 
impact on broader economic conditions.

Corporate Earnings
ConocoPhillips (COP)
ConocoPhillips is set to announce its quarterly earnings, giving investors a closer 
look at the performance of one of the world's largest independent exploration and 
production companies. Analysts will be scrutinizing ConocoPhillips' results to assess
the impact of volatile oil prices and global energy trends on the company's profits.
Additionally, any updates on ConocoPhillips' capital expenditures and production 
growth plans will be closely watched as investors seek insights into the company's 
future prospects.
Colonial rule and growing discontent
Mexico was under colonial rule for over three centuries, with the Spanish Empire 
holding control over the territory known as New Spain. However, as time passed, 
discontent among the Mexican population grew. They were subjected to exploitation, 
limited political rights, and economic inequality. These circumstances fueled a 
desire for change and freedom from Spanish rule.

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