The History of Duluth Trading
If you've ever wondered how Duluth Trading came to be, then prepare to be pleasantly 
surprised by the intriguing history behind this beloved brand. 
From its humble beginnings as a small catalog business, to its rise as a leading 
retailer of durable and functional workwear, the story of Duluth Trading is as 
fascinating as the products they offer. With a commitment to providing innovative 
solutions for hardworking individuals, Duluth Trading has carved out a niche in the 
market and established itself as a trusted name in the industry. So, sit back and 
let us take you on a captivating journey through the history of Duluth Trading.
Founding of Duluth Trading
The story of Duluth Trading began in the early 1990s when two friends, Bob and Dave, 
embarked on a unique business venture. They shared a common frustration – the lack of
functional workwear that could withstand the demands of their everyday jobs. 
In 1991, they started Duluth Trading, a small company dedicated to providing 
high-quality, durable workwear for blue-collar workers.

Creation of the Duluth Trading Catalog
To reach a wider audience, Bob and Dave realized they needed a way to showcase their 
products beyond their local market. In 1993, they created the iconic Duluth Trading 
catalog. Filled with detailed descriptions, humorous anecdotes, and practical illustrations, the catalog quickly became a hit among customers looking for workwear that was comfortable, functional, and long-lasting. The catalog allowed Duluth Trading to extend their reach and establish a loyal customer base outside of their physical store.

Expansion into Retail Stores
As the popularity of Duluth Trading grew, so did the demand for their products. In response to this increasing demand, Duluth Trading expanded its operations by opening retail stores across the United States. The first retail store opened its doors in Belleville, Wisconsin, offering customers a hands-on experience with the products they had previously only seen in the catalog. The retail stores provided a new avenue for customers to explore the wide range of workwear and browse through the extensive product offerings of Duluth Trading.

Product Offerings by Duluth Trading
Original Products and Innovations
Duluth Trading prides itself on its originality and innovative approach to workwear. From their first lines of durable pants and shirts, Duluth Trading has consistently pushed the boundaries of functionality and design. They introduced the iconic Fire Hose Work Pants, made from fire hose material, known for their exceptional durability and strength. The introduction of the Ballroom Jeans revolutionized the workwear industry with their flexible fabric and roomy fit. These innovative products showcased Duluth Trading's commitment to providing workers with workwear that not only met their practical needs but also exceeded their expectations in terms of comfort and durability.

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