This article provides a military briefing on the recent strike against Iran by the 
Israeli missiles. It offers a comprehensive overview of the Israeli missiles used in 
the attack and delves into their capabilities and effectiveness. By examining the 
various factors surrounding the strike, including the geopolitical tensions between 
Iran and Israel, the article aims to provide a detailed analysis of the military 
operation. Through this briefing, readers will gain valuable insights into the 
Israeli missile technology and its impact on the conflict between the two nations.
Overview of the Israeli Missile Strike
The Israeli missile strike on Iran was a significant military operation carried out 
by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in response to escalating tensions between the 
two countries. The strike was motivated by Israel's concerns over Iran's nuclear 
program and its support for militant groups in the region. 
It aimed to neutralize potential threats and send a strong message to Iran about 
Israel's capabilities.

Reasons for the strike
The Israeli missile strike was primarily driven by several reasons. Firstly, Israel 
perceived Iran's nuclear program as a direct threat to its national security. 
Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons, combined with its hostile rhetoric towards Israel,
raised concerns about the possibility of a nuclear-armed Iran. Israel believed that a
preemptive strike would be necessary to prevent Iran from acquiring such capabilities.

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