There are 6 starting zones in World of Warcraft Classic for hardcore players.
In World of Warcraft Classic, there are six starting zones specially designed for 
hardcore players who crave a challenge from the very beginning. Each starting zone 
offers its own set of obstacles and rewards, catering to different races and 
playstyles. Teldrassil, the Night Elf starting zone, is reputed to be the most 
difficult of them all, while Durotar presents unique challenges for Orcs and Trolls 
with its treacherous terrain and intense competition. Tirisfal Glades hides tricky 
mob packs and underground areas, but it compensates with engaging questlines. 
Elwynn Forest serves as the favored starting zone for Humans, boasting both easy and 
difficult areas for a well-rounded experience. Dwarves and Gnomes will find a 
relatively easier start in Dun Morogh, where a wide range of quests await them. 
Last but not least, Mulgore is considered a dream starting zone, blessed with minimal
problem areas for a smooth journey. Whether you seek an arduous adventure or a more 
manageable start, World of Warcraft Classic accommodates every taste and playstyle 
within these six starting zones.

Teldrassil – The Night Elf starting zone
Teldrassil, the Night Elf starting zone, is widely regarded as the most challenging .
starting zone for Hardcore players in World of Warcraft Classic. As a hardcore player
, you enjoy pushing the limits and facing difficult challenges head-on, and 
Teldrassil provides just that. The lush and sprawling island of Teldrassil is home 
to a multitude of dangerous creatures and treacherous terrain that will put your 
skills to the test.

Navigating through Teldrassil can be a daunting task, as the dense forest and winding
paths make it easy to get lost. Expect to encounter challenging mobs and elite 
enemies throughout the zone, making combat encounters even more intense. 
It is essential to be well-prepared and equipped with suitable gear before venturing 
into this demanding starting zone.

Quests in Teldrassil offer engaging storylines and rewarding experiences for hardcore
players. You will find yourself embarking on quests that delve into the lore of the 
Night Elves and their struggle to protect their homeland. Completing these quests 
will not only grant you valuable experience points but also provide you with a deeper
understanding of the rich world of Azeroth.

Durotar – The Orc and Troll starting zone
Durotar, the starting zone for Orcs and Trolls, presents a unique set of challenges 
for hardcore players. While not as inherently difficult as Teldrassil, Durotar poses 
threats due to its difficult areas and fierce competition. As you venture through 
this arid wasteland, you will encounter various mobs and hostile creatures that can 
prove to be formidable enemies.

One of the main challenges in Durotar is dealing with contested areas and competition
from other players. Since it is a starting zone shared by both Orcs and Trolls, 
resources and quest objectives can be scarce. Hardcore players are known for their 
competitiveness, and Durotar provides an opportunity for you to showcase your skills 
and strategic thinking.

In Durotar, it is crucial to adopt efficient leveling strategies to stay ahead of the
fierce competition. Prioritizing quests that offer substantial rewards and tackling 
challenging mobs strategically will help you progress smoothly through the zone. 
Additionally, forming alliances with fellow Hardcore players can provide a 
significant advantage when it comes to securing valuable resources and completing 

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