During TomTom N.V.'s Q1 2024 earnings call, the company provided a comprehensive 
overview of its operational and financial highlights. Notably, the revenue for the 
first quarter remained relatively stable compared to the same period last year. 
TomTom showcased significant progress in refining its product offerings and expanding
business development activities. The successful rollout of the new TomTom Orbis Maps 
played a pivotal role in achieving comprehensive global coverage. Furthermore, the 
company announced partnerships with esteemed enterprise customers across diverse 
industries, bolstering support for various applications. The new mapping platform 
introduced by TomTom allows for seamless integration of data from other users and 
producers, enhancing the overall user experience. Additionally, the establishment of 
the Overture Maps Foundation in collaboration with AWS, Meta, and Microsoft paved 
the way for interoperability and standardized database specifications. 
While the financial results indicated a slight decrease in group revenue and an 
increase in operating expenses, TomTom remains steadfast in its guidance for 2024 and
expects a reversal of the automotive revenue trend in the latter half of the year. 
Concurrently, the decline in enterprise revenue is attributed to a large customer's 
focus on internal mapping capabilities, which is anticipated to persist for the next 

Expansion of Business Development Activities

In addition to product development, TomTom has also focused on expanding its 
business development activities. By actively seeking new partnerships and 
opportunities, TomTom aims to expand its customer base and reach new markets. 
These efforts are key to driving future revenue growth and strengthening the company's
position in the industry.

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