Watch Guardians of the Dream and Claim a New Pet and Mount Via Dragonflight Twitch 
BlizzCon is just around the corner, and with it comes the highly anticipated 
Guardians of the Dream update for World of Warcraft. To celebrate this exciting event
, players have the opportunity to claim some new Twitch Drops that will add to their 
collections of pets and mounts. The Dragonflight Twitch Drops include a cute baby 
alpaca pet named Dottie and a White Riding Camel mount. To claim these rewards, all 
you have to do is watch four hours of World of Warcraft Dragonflight content between 
November 7th and November 14th. And if you want to get your hands on the brand new 
camel mount, simply watch an additional four hours of content between November 14th 
and November 21st. Don't miss out on this chance to enhance your World of Warcraft 
If you're a fan of World of Warcraft and looking to add some new companions to your 
collection, then you're in luck. With the upcoming release of the Guardians of the 
Dream update, Blizzard is offering Twitch Drops that will allow you to claim a new 
pet and mount for your adventures. By watching eligible channels on Twitch and 
linking your Twitch and accounts, you can unlock these exciting rewards.

Dragonflight Twitch Drops
The Dragonflight Twitch Drops are the latest addition to the Twitch Drops system in 
World of Warcraft. With this update, you have the opportunity to claim two new items 
– a pet named Dottie and a mount called the White Riding Camel. 
These Drops will be available for a limited time, so don't miss your chance to claim 

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